Extra Web Tools

Welcome to extrawebtools.com - The most accessible, easier and simple web tools.

We have a lot of problems in everyday life. Such problems often occur repeatedly and spent much of our time. With that sad story, we create a platform that will help myself, you and others with an accessible website that could help complete our work in daily life.

We realize that a lot of tools that have to be made, so we tried to collect it in a single website that is easily accessible in the future. Currently, we prioritize to make text manipulation, text conversion, word counter, and text generator tool. We also have a lot to do list and perhaps you can proceed with your feedback.

Be More Productive and Save Your Time with Our Web Tools.

As a blogger and engineer, I'm trying to cover the most common tasks in my daily life and maybe should work for you too. In our job desk, time is critical and we can't spend our time with unproductive work.

We try to build online tools with browser-based the and latest technology that will work on most modern browsers and mobile devices. We have it all here on a single website, that's what they are supposed to do. Bookmark this web tools because you will be coming back later!

Today, we've created a lot of web tools as follows:

  • Add prefix and suffix helps you add prefix or suffix for any root words that change its mean.
  • Delimited Column Extractor is a utility that will help you to do complex data extraction function with a delimiter such as space, comma, semicolon, tabulation.
  • Duplicate Line Remover will remove one of the identical lines from aggregated text lines.
  • Duplicate Line Counter is online tools that will aggregate the text lines and show number of occurrences of identical lines.
  • Remove Empty Lines is utility tool to remove empty or whitespace only lines.
  • Sort Text Lines is an online tool that will help you to sort text lines with several sorting options such as natural sort descending, natural sort ascending, length descending, length ascending, descending and ascending.
  • Filter Text Lines is a utility for filtering any text you want in a text document.
  • Reverse Text Lines help you to reverse lines so that the first line appears at the end and the last line appears first.
  • Shuffle Text Lines is a tool that will assist you to random lines of a text.
  • Add Line Numbers helps you insert line numbers in an entire or selected paragraph of your text using prefix and suffix.
  • Add Line Breaks is a tool that helps you give the divider of paragraph one and paragraph two.
  • Merge Text Lines helps you a straight forward and efficient way to combine two lists line by line.
  • Word Counter is a tool that helps you to know the number of words, characters, sentences, line and an average of words.
  • Space Remover is a simple utility to remove extra spaces in a word.
  • Find And Replace is a tool that helps you make refactor/replace text in a document by finding and replacing word automatically.
  • Letter Accents Remover is a tool will help to remove accented character such as â, î or ô.
  • Text To Randomcase is a tool to generated mixed letter case which is a combination of uppercase and lowercase with no pattern.
  • Text To Lowercase is a tool that helps you convert upper to lowercase. For example, "Hello" to "hello".
  • Text To Uppercase is tool that will help you convert lowercase to uppercase. For example, “hello” to “HELLO”